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In sourcing parts and components for our customers, we work from a base of suppliers who have been and continue to be evaluated and qualified by our quality and compliance teams. We ensure that all factories are compliant with:

  • ISO 9001, ISO 9002, A2LA and CNLA requirements
  • PPAP certifications (all levels)
  • material certificates
  • plating certifications
  • dimensional/mechanical requirements
  • factory and product (first article, pre-production sample) requirements

Supplier relationships are dynamic; thus, we conduct regular assessments of each factory to improve our customers’ cost positions as well as transparency of materials, sub-suppliers, manufacturing processes, quality processes, compliance and overall commitment to the relationship.

Additionally, we provide the following procurement and support services:

  • Quote/sample requests and follow-up
  • Order processing and follow-up as requested
  • Coordination of import/customs requirements
  • Factory compliance assurance and follow-up
  • Factory quality assurance and follow-up
  • Identification and implementation of factory improvement programs